Friday, June 27, 2008

Where's Candyace?

I haven't posted much this month at all. I've been a little more involved with other projects. Not all of these projects have been all that productive since a friend has loaned me a pile of DVDs to catch me up on my Asian Cinema. One of the things I finally got to see what Studio Ghibli's "Whisper of the Heart" (or 'Mimi wo sumaseba' - If you Listen Closely). The story revolves around a young girl's resolve to challenge herself to follow her dream.
I can relate to the bookworm main character's attempt at writing her own story and the huge difference between reading and writing. I read all the time but only recently started writing my own material. It's very difficult to have something to say and put it into words for others to read and enjoy. Even reading some of the posts here, I cringe at the way I wrote out what I was trying to say. Like the old shop owner tells her, your talent is a rough stone that requires cutting and polishing until you get the gem you seek. I've got some pretty serious cutting and polishing to do myself. Hopefully, one day I'll have that shiny gem to enjoy.
This clip shows the main character Shizuku singing the theme song that many people will recognize even if they don't speak Japanese.

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